I’ve always been interested in working for myself, so I decided to try starting my own business. I began doing so on the side.
I was frustrated by not having the freedom and finances I longed for and felt restricted by other people’s demand for my time and energy. I knew there had to be a better way.
I made a decision to learn as much as I could about starting a business online from home. to help other people with the same problem. 
I started my side business because I noticed people needed this information that I tried to find. The existing businesses I saw were missing this information I needed and I believe you also need.
More about this in a minute.
You are drawn to this site because you:

==> Are frustrated, feeling stuck, confused and overwhelmed and I get it.

==> Are thinking of what else you can do to generate additional income doing something interesting to you.

==> Are making a good salary but feel like something is missing.

==> Feel your skills and experience are being wasted.

==> Know that doing what you truly love will bring excitement back into your life.

==> Wish you could also find a way to make extra income while doing what you love.

==> Are not as young as you once were and you feel the time is slipping away.

==> Want your bank account to be in a better position than it is in right now.

==> Want to adequately provide for your family. 

You’re thinking of the time when your teens’ needs will become more expensive. College. Marriage. Automobile. Possibly getting their own place and may need your help. And the list goes on.

Every day you get ready for work, there’s this nagging feeling that you could be doing something more. You don’t want to take on a part-time job or go looking for another job.

You are stressed by your work thinking there has to be more than this. You know what you could be doing, but you are unsure. You have some good ideas, but you are thinking of all the possible requirements.
Because of the demands of work and your internal stressors, you find yourself drained at the end of the day. You know you need to go to the gym but you don’t have the energy.  You’re just not feeling it. 
Spending quality time with the family in an engaging manner is a rare commodity for you. This makes you feel guilty because you want to spend time with them. Your wife keeps asking you if you still love her because she’s not feeling it. You don’t have much time for her. Yes, you do find time for sexual intimacy but not for much more and even that is far and few between.
Sometimes you feel like you’re in a time warp waiting to be spewed out and everything would be totally different. You’re waiting for that moment which only adds to your frustration. You want a quick fix.
To add to all this, you don’t know who you could talk to that would truly understand your dilemma and not be judgmental of you. You don’t know who you can trust with this.
Not only that, you don’t want people to think you don’t have it together. 
You find yourself pulling away to some degree from others. You see it as creating space to think. But it doesn’t really help.
You don’t feel as happy as you once did. The least problem that surfaces get magnified. Your patience level has decreased and it is more evident at home with family members. Seeing them reminds you of how you need to do something different to be a better provider.
You love your family dearly and want to succeed for them. You don’t want them to be in need and not being able to adequately provide for them. It kills you when you think of that possibility.
You find yourself attending conferences, workshops and reading as many books, blogs, and other articles as possible that promises you insights into how you can be more successful in life. 
Learning is one of your new pastimes. It makes you feel good learning. You are thinking that this one other workshop, conference, book etc. holds the key to what you need.
You look forward to them and more often than not you come away feeling recharged and inspired. But then a few weeks later, you are right where you were before. 
Some of the questions swirling around in your head are:

=> Do I have to go back to school and get an additional education?

=> Am I willing to take the chance of giving up what I consider to be a secure job for something I don’t know will work?

=> What if my idea doesn’t work out?

=> Am I too old to start something new?

=> What will my wife think?

=> What will other people think?

=> Where do I start? 

=> Should I just play it safe and get a part-time job or a new job that has benefits?

=> Where will I find the time to pursue a side-hustle?

=> Can I afford the cost of starting my side hustle as a business seeing that I don’t have money just lying around waiting to be spent?

=> Where do I find people outside of my small circle to pay me for the service I want to provide and the product I want to make?

These are just a few of the many questions that are swirling around in your head. They are what stresses you out and have you second-guessing whether you should pursue what your heart wants to do or simply give up on it and settle.
You don’t want to do that because of the miserable feelings you are experiencing. You feel stuck!
Sometimes you just want to scream thinking it would make you feel better even though you know it won’t. Maybe temporarily.
Kingsley-Grant-ProfileI FEEL YOUR PAIN
I relate to you in so many ways. 
I too went through what I’ve just shared with you.
A year and a half before I fully went after what I truly wanted to do, I experienced many of the emotions you are having. I was stressed. I wasn’t feeling as excited as I once did going to work even though I went and gave it my all.
There were some other things going on as well which I wasn’t happy with.
At 47 years of age, I went back to school and two years later graduated with my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I felt so elated and accomplished. 
Two years after my graduation, I resigned from my job of 21 years.
Prior to this, I started seeing clients on the side to gain experience as a Therapist as well as satisfy the requirements to pursue my state licensure.
I saw most of these clients on a pro bono basis. It was okay because I had my regular job, which provided a steady income and other benefits and I was developing my communication skills in the process.
I had never started a business before. I didn’t know where or how to start but I was determined. I knew enough that I had to give my business a name and at some point set up a website. That was it.
Fast forward 
After years of painstakingly learning the requirements of the online aspects of having a business – website, social media, networking, emails, content creation, content marketing, etc, I’m now able to help you do the same.
One thing I can tell you: It wasn’t easy for me because of my ignorance of the online space. It took me longer than it should. I felt I had to play catch up. Because of that, I spent thousands of unnecessary dollars. Unnecessary, because I didn’t know the heck what I was doing or where to go for help. I fumbled my way through.
It hasn’t been easy and there are still challenges, but I am more confident now than ever before. I know a whole lot more now than I knew then. And even though I’m not where I ultimately want to be, I am more optimistic about the future in all aspects of life.
With all that I’ve learned and with all the experience I’ve gained, I know what it takes to get you started on your journey.
Knowing your current situation of the limited time, finances, and knowledge of Internet marketing, I have developed a Quick Start Online Marketing Course that won’t require you to break the bank or make you, even more, sleep deprived. 
This course helps you to cut through the confusion, gain clarity, and with confidence take the next logical step towards your desired goal. Imagine having a course that helps you to do that. This one does!
This is what I was looking for but couldn’t find in one place. I had to do a piecemeal approach, which led to the exorbitant financial and time-consuming cost for me. I don’t want that to be your experience.
I know that you could take a similar piece-meal approach like I did. It will seem like you are saving money doing it because of the low-cost investment per “piece.” But haven’t you been doing that? How much farther have you gotten as a result of doing that? Have you added up the total cost so far? What about time?
As you know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results, is insanity.
So, you now have two options: 1. Keep on doing what you are doing, stressed out, frustrated, being unhappy, and feeling stuck OR 2. Take me up on my offer of the Quick Start Online Marketing Course.
What will you do? I hope you choose the latter. 
Here are some questions you might be having at this point:
  1. Will the course require a financial investment on your part? Yes, it will. 
  2. Will the price of this course be more than what you’ll pay for one single piece of the piecemeal approach? Yes, it will. 
  3. Will the price of this course be less than the overall total price of all the piece-meal approach? It certainly will.
You now have a decision to make. Which will it be? 
==> A) the piece-meal approach? Or 
==> B) The Quick Start Online Marketing Course?
If your answer is “B,” congratulations. You made a wise choice. You have chosen the course designed by someone who has been where you are and in some ways still is, who knows what you are going through for the most part, and want you to feel re-energized, inspired and motivated to pursue doing what you no doubt will love doing.
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